Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pray for Joy

Joy Gort is one of the kindergarten teachers here at SCS. She would have been my lovely co-teacher if I had snagged a kinderspot. This weekend she was on the South Coast in Punta Cana enjoying the beach and the long weekend with several SCSers. She as driving her car into town on Sunday to go shopping when a Dominican man, who in the spirit of holiday was very much intoxicated, walked in front of her car... was hit and went and over the vehicle. He was put in Intensive Care and Joy has been detained by the Dominican police. She has remained under custody in Punta Cana since Sunday afternoon. She has a court hearing this morning to determine fault and damages. It is considered pretty much a lost cause, as an American... more specifically as a Caucasian, to not be found finanacially liable in the case of any kind of accident here. Praise be the man has made some recovery and is going to survive with some surgery. We rejoice over this for the man and his family... and also for Joy as she would have been criminally charged had his injuries been fatal. Joy is very shaken up and frightened. We have already seen the Lord move in this situtation and I am asking you to pray throughout the day for miracles.

  • Joy was given permission to stay under custody at her hotel instead of at the municipal jail.
  • Jenn Dunlap, one of the girls with her has stayed in Punta Cana to support Joy.
  • The mission organization that supports Joy has provided a lawyer and several local missionaries will be there at court with her this morning
  • As said before the man IS going to make a full recovery

Please pray wisdom and discerment of the Judge in the hearing. Pray for peace and comfort for Joy. Thanks dear ones.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Brawl

My version of the story involves a domino game, a cockfight and Senor Ramirez. What's yours?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Okay so it wasn't really a suggestion... it was presented as a fact and it has been bumping around in my mind. Last week, in a meeting of minds, someone purposed (as a motivator) that Jesus spoke about hell seven times more than he spoke of heaven during his ministry here on the good ole revolving ball. Any thoughts people?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mail Day and My Friends

We have mail day twice a month down here on the island. Two days for all the incoming and outgoing mail. I look forward to these days. Yesterday was a special day. Yesterday, I received an invitation to enjoy at my leisure a FREE MINI-SUBSRIPTION TO PEOPLE MAGAZINE. A letter came with this limited offer and I tell you what, I learned a few things! It stated:

Once a week for 4 weeks.
The perfect therapy for your mind, heart and soul.

I HAD NO IDEA. I've seen a People Magazine. In fact, I was flipping through Tami's at lunch yesterday. No one ever told me that it was the perfect therapy for my mind, heart, AND soul! You would think that would be common knowledge. The letter addressed to Dear Friend, read on...

Each issue of People provides a refreshing mix of celebrities and real-life heroes. Just 4 star studded issues will make you feel like a new person.

Again, I had NO IDEA the power People seems to wield. I'll feel like a new person... amazing. Then it gets better (I'm thinking at this point, "It can't get better than this?" but it does, indeed).

Steal moments with Johnny Depp or Jude Law over your morning coffee. Then, for an afternoon of pure bliss, curl up with your favorite armchair and catch up with friends old and new - like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston.

PURE BLISS... did you read that? I'm in for PURE BLISS. I've got to be honest. I didn't even know I was friends with Julia and Jennifer. I wonder how many other old and new friends I have? My letter goes on to tell me that I should consider making PEOPLE a part of my regular routine... my heart and soul will reap the benefits.

Who knew?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Two Things


Finally a 'Special Edition DVD' that lives up to its name:

Special Features Include:

1- "Film documentary: Diesel Eagle: How Over The Top Flew From Script To Screen."

2- "Put On The Strap" -Exclusive interviews with filmmakers and actors.

3- "Keep It Clean"- Film commentary with Sylvester Stallone and authenticity supervisor, armwrestling legend Dean White.

4- "The Bullride" -Can you successfully lead Lincoln Hawk and his big diesel through multiple trailer parks and paternity suits to the AAW Championship to take on "Bull" Hurley in this exclusive DVD-rom video game!


A poll question:

Which do you view as most important?

1. mustard

2. a paperclip

3. The Winter Olympics

Vote Now!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Friends are friends forever...

In the Father's hands we know/that a lifetimes not to long/to live as Friends

Just because it's Jesse's favorite song [ahem], I'm not going to write out all the lyrics to Friends are Friends Forever by the M.W. Smith right here, right now. I will however introduce you to these people... we like them. We have the feeling you will like them too.


Mehki and Elaine...

Don't they look like good times?

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's true.

Okay. It is true... the Robertson's are seeking out a little nook of healthy living in which to live out our days. The fact is, most of the time I have no clue about the contents of what I am eating or using. Here's the deal, I have questions. Many questions about the content of my food, products, medications, and so on and so forth. I have, however, an average of about 60 minutes exposure to the internet a day and the Santiago Christian School Library is lacking in its healthy living information section. Entonces... tell me what you know. I am unabashedly willing to riding on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Email me at the myrtle.

Also. We got married. Yep, another true fact. And for those of you seeking a visual to said nupital... I've been nine months in the posting of them. They are now there.... on the left sidebar. Right.

And. Us Robertson's will be joining other handy folk in the building of a house with the Habitat for Humanity Saturday. Dominican construction sometimes tends to be a tragedy in some cases. Fours years ago a brand new movie theater collasped its third night open. Or somthing like that. I assure you we are not building a Movie Theater for Humanity... but in any case we will be using sharp objects. I being the most kultz one of the union ask that grace, peace and corrdination be beseeched on our behalf... should we be injured our insurance won't cover it... something about willful endangerment. Or something like that.

"Do you know how to eat a pear?" I heard one sixth grader ask another this morning. Hmmm... food for thought.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tom's of Maine

Thanks in large part to Ace and Seaner, the wife is moving the Robertson clan to a more chemical free lifestyle. Why just today this little beauty came in the mail. And after a mid-afternoon trial run in the heat of the Caribbean I can personally attest to this product's incredible all-natural abilities. It stops wetness and odor, removes stains, whitens your teeth, improves your diction, gets rid of your addiction, wins you the election, gives you an erection, improves your credit score, gets you to the grocery store, removes unsightly relatives, contains no preservatives, makes you your own boss, stops cranial and pubic hair loss, drops unwanted pounds, gives you the grounds, does your schoolwork, housework, dirtywork, calls in sick, turns the trick, goes to church while you sleep on Sundays, culturally sensitive to blacks, hispanics and gays, does your taxes, made of microwave safe plastics, stops the voices, makes your choices, not tested on monkeys or small asian children....

for and inspired by michael ross and his mixtapes.