Friday, May 30, 2008

otro vez

i haven't blogged much recently. i have a great series of thoughts and updates and questions i'd like to pose to you... but i get tired quickly these days. when jackson is down for a nap and i look around me at my messy table, the dirty dishes in the sink, weeds in the garden i'd like to terrorize and i think the thoughts in my head i'd like to write... well, i take a nap. i sleep and wake up when i hear the lad babbling on to himself. my free moments of the day escaped on the other side of my eyelids. so i tell myself this... sitting here on this couch i am accomplishing so much, my body is literally exhausting itself in putting together a babe. i feel much better. but i do miss the little communicado world going on here. so today i start my backlogged blog series... we'll see.
for those of you requesting a tummy shot... here you go. for those of you who haven't learned the news... we're 5 months into baby TWO, due the first week of October. we figured hey, we had a baby last year and it was great fun so let's do it again this year! 19 months apart. lordy.

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