Monday, June 23, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rock The Vote To Sleep

This morning, over eggs with THIS, I read THIS. It got me REAL steamed and I (again) jumped with both feet into THIS. But then I read THIS, and started to once again believe that, as my friend Pepe is prone to say, when it really comes down to it, the Great American Political Pastime is really just the same guy in a different THIS.

So now I'm back to THIS.

Drinks on me.

And now, an off-topic before and after montage:

Friday, June 06, 2008

Lakers-Celtics: Danielson Takes Game One

The NBA/ABC/ESPN machine has managed to get me pretty stoked about this year's finals. It all started here for me:

Actually, it probaly started here:

How historically white are the Celtics that the NBA's first hip-hop ad stars two white guys? How white are the Celtics currently? o% white. Only NBA active roster with no white or European players.

Now, I could care less, except that Paul Pierce's 'tweaked knee-carried to the locker room by teamates-only to return triumphantly and lead my team to victory'-performance last night was wildly reminiscant of, that's right, yet another certain white guy:

Who will be the hero of game two?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

backlogged one

okay... let's journey back to march, march 13th, when our first born turned his first year. i've been a mother for a whole year now and feel pretty good about it. friends have called me 'a very laid back first time mom.' i've put effort into it. when jackson wouldn't eat much his first two weeks i didn't panic. i travelled alone with him back to the dominican when he was 5 weeks. no problem. he's slept for months in the heat under a mosquito net, hit the swimming pool before he was 90 days old and didn't receive all the vaccinations under the sun. helping me in the backyard garden, he's consumed enough dirt to sprout vegetables all on his own. (i try to thwart this but he's quick you see). he's had lots of bug bits, bumps and scrapes. he shares drinks with dogs, enjoys pouring sand on himself, will seek out any puddle, pot, cup or toilet bowl of water to splash in and loves putting my hair in his mouth. this is my son... this is the life he likes.

i know he will grow up and not remember all these little secrets we share. all the sometimes gross little faux pas and rules we break around here. but i promise i'll keep our secrets.
ani deFranco and i have a kid the same ago. i unabashedly hope jackson marries miss petah lucia napolitano, daughter o'ani in about 25 years. i won't tell her he recently pooped in the pool.

anyway... he's to my warm, tender, charming, adventurous, dimpled little boy who is not interested in his toys and only wants to play with his dad's wallet or the water hose.

backlogged one-b