Monday, August 28, 2006


Check out my ninos! I'm a pre-school teacher this year. At least from 8-12. I've got a class of brillant and busy three year olds. There is less pottying and more conversation than I had anticipated (most of my class is in Spanish and I'm just about on a three year olds level... so we have some good chats over snack).

My job for this year has been up in the air... and yes it's the second week of school. Jesse is settled and concrete in his coordinating and directing spiritual lives here at Santiago Christian School. The question has been what's to fill my afternoons. Surprise... I've got Carolina back. It was decided today that I will in fact have a prelude to a special education class in the afternoons with David and Carolina together. Wonders never cease. I'm sure there is much adventure in store.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

That Baby Looks Like Lyndon Johnson

In case the news has yet to reach you, there is in fact a small child growing on the insides of my wife. This was confirmed again just yesterday with this smashing photo of the little tot. He/she's that blob favoring the left side of Chel's uterus. We were treated to a live viewing of a head, two arms and legs and a great looking heartbeat.

I celebrated by treating my wife to fast food and an Adam Sandler movie. I can only assume my prowess at husbandry will carry over smoothly into fatherhood.

Your prayers are coveted.