Monday, June 23, 2008

(Though Short On Hope) Another Dead Genius


Anonymous said...

pick up a book called 'why we're not emergent, by two guys who should be.'
i'm going to be sending you an interview with one of the authors.
has your email changed? if so, email me at

Pass the Fist said...

i miss rufus.

Sean said...

I like George Carlin. His vision of what the American Capital Punishment Arena could be makes me choke with laughter, as well as makes me wonder how this guy never got to be President. I would have voted for him. Maybe this upcoming election I can vote for Frank Zappa, and put down George Carlin as VP...

Right now I´m in Costa Rica. I like it here. I like things here, except tourism seems to be wrecking local economies--the price of living has increased 40% this past year, allegedly, which is quite a strain on these folks.

I like you guys, and I´m sorry I didn´t make STL this 4th of July time. I was in Costa Rica.