Friday, June 06, 2008

Lakers-Celtics: Danielson Takes Game One

The NBA/ABC/ESPN machine has managed to get me pretty stoked about this year's finals. It all started here for me:

Actually, it probaly started here:

How historically white are the Celtics that the NBA's first hip-hop ad stars two white guys? How white are the Celtics currently? o% white. Only NBA active roster with no white or European players.

Now, I could care less, except that Paul Pierce's 'tweaked knee-carried to the locker room by teamates-only to return triumphantly and lead my team to victory'-performance last night was wildly reminiscant of, that's right, yet another certain white guy:

Who will be the hero of game two?

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Sean said...

brilliant post.

i don't give a goat's gnads for the nba finals, and yet, i must, because i set attentive to the tv when i watch the highlight reels...

did i already say brilliant post?